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Center of Excellence

ITS Engineering College boasts of 8 Centers of Excellence which provide opportunities for in-depth understanding of the most relevant industry technologies

Center of Excellence for Computer Science & Engineering

iOS Lab ITS Engineering College
Apple iOS Lab

Apple iOS COE

Apple iOS Apps Development Program is an abstract of iOS Developer University Program given by The program gives everything to developers and instructors that they need to build, test, and deploy apps. Our students can access, connect and use software like Xcode and Swift to develope various apps for  various Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod. We provide mix environment for design and develop mobile applications.

R Systems LabITS Engineering College
R Systems COE

R Systems COE

R-System is best in quality procedures, delivery and operational excellence, customer-centric approach, intellectual capital, and culture of innovation. With a rich legacy spread over two decades, it has generated Value that helps organizations transcend to higher levels of efficiency and growth quite like the Oyster Delivering the Pearl. 

Syscom Lab ITS Engineering College
Syscom COE

Syscom COE

Syscom Lab is a SAFRAN morpho company which provides products and solution to local protection as well as national wide security system. The company deals in biometric identification systems, identification documents, smart cards, biometric terminals and road terminals. It offers Indian Mobile Operators high capacity cards with 128K and 256K memory as well as 3G USIM. These diverse fields of the company offer the students to be familiar with the environment of smart card operating system.

Indian Testing Board Lab ITS Engineering College
ITB & SALT Software Testing COE

ITB & SALT Software testing COE

This COE is in collaboration with ITB (Indian Testing Board) and SALT (School of Applied Learning in Testing). ITB is approved by national board of India, responsible for the “ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) Certified Tester” certification in India. SALT is pioneered and steered by world renounced experts in software engineering. The vision is to be a globally renowned center for software testing based on best practices, connecting the international software testing community and encouraging research.

Center of Excellence for Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical Branches

Rockwell Automation Lab ITS Engineering College
Rockwell Automation (Electrical)

Rockwell Automation (Electrical)

Rockwell Automation provides a comprehensive educational environment to students by offering training. It develops the basic virtual modules for facilitating the development of PLC-software. It increases knowledge and awareness levels about the role of Automation also make students aware of the importance of PLC/ SCADA automation training in industry for their placements as well.

National Instruments ITS Engineering College
National Instruments Innovation Center (ECE)

National Instruments Innovation Center (ECE)

NI accelerates engineering success by providing an open, software-centric platform that takes advantage of modular hardware and an expansive ecosystem. The fully developed National Instruments lab provides mix environment of Programing software, DAQ system, Controllers and sensors.

SMC Lab ITS Engineering College
SMC Pneumatics (Mechanical)

SMC Pneumatics (Mechanical)

Centre of Excellence was established in 2015 under the Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with SMC Pneumatics India Pvt. Ltd- The world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. The centre provides the platform for Training, Interdisciplinary Research, and Projects & Industrial Solutions in the field of Industrial Automation in the field of Pneumatic Technology. The center is open for Engineering Students, Industry Personnel and Research Scholars.

eYantra Lab ITS Engineering College
e-Yantra (Electronics & Communication)

e-Yantra  (ECE)

This center of excellence was established to promote participation of students in National and International Level Robotics Competitions and get enhanced in Embedded and Robotics skills to get summer internship with IIT Bombay and Embedded Systems and Robotics Industries leading to quality placements or opening up their own ventures as entrepreneurs.