Scale New Heights

Prof. (Dr.) O. P. Chaudhary

Professor and Head

Applied Science & Humanities Department

HOD's Message

We are delighted to introduce you to the Department of Applied Science, which serves as the cornerstone of engineering education. Our aim is to enhance critical thinking, facilitate the conversion of information into knowledge, and empower students to analyze technical concepts. Our faculty is highly skilled and dedicated, and we strive to create a tight-knit community of learners.

The Department of Applied Science is a vital component of any engineering college, providing instruction in fundamental science and humanities courses to students in all branches of engineering. The purpose of applied science in engineering education is to establish a solid foundation in key disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and communication skills, which will serve as a basis for the rest of a student's academic career.

Our laboratories are designed not only to cover the complete syllabus, but also to inspire students to go beyond it and develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Through our program, students acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the skills necessary to become successful engineers in the future.