Scale New Heights

NAAC SSR 2018-23 Criteria (1 to 7)

Criterion 1 Curricular Aspects

1.1 Curricular Planning and Implementation

1.1.1 The Institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well-planned and documented process 

1.2 Academic Flexibility

1.2.1/1.2.2 Number of Certificate/Value added courses offered and completed during the last five years

1.3 Curriculum Enrichment

1.3.1 Institution integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics ... in transacting the Curriculum

1.3.2 Percentage of students undertaking project work/field work/ internships (Data for the latest completed academic year) Project/Mini Project

1.4 Feedback System
Criterion 2 Teaching Learning and Evaluation

2.6.3 Pass percentage of students certified report from Controller Examination of the affiliating university 

Pass Percentage final year result summary

List of final year students with result status

- 2018-19

- 2019-20

- 2020-21



Criterion 3 Research, Innovations and Extension
Criterion 4 Infrastructure and Learning Resources

4.3 IT Infrastructure
4.3.1 - Bills of purchased Computers
4.3.1 - Bills of Software updates

4.3.2 Student Computer ratio (Latest completed academic year) - Bills of Purchased Computers - Stock Register highlighting allocation of computers to various Departments for student's usage

Criterion 5 Student Support and Progression

5.1.1 Students benefited by scholarship and free ships - Students List

5.1.2  Capacity building and skill enhancement of students

-ICT/Computing Skills

Soft Skills Language and communication skills and life skills

5.1.3 Student benefited through career counselling and guidance for competitive exams

Career Counseling

5.2.1 Student's placement and higher education 

- Placements Letters

5.3.2 Participation in Sports and Cultural Activity

- Students Participation

Criterion 6 Governance, Leadership and Management
Criterion 7 Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1.3 Quality Audit and Environmental Activities

- Beyond the Campus

- Certificates from Government Body

7.1.4 Institutional initiatives for Inclusive Environment and Sensitization towards Constitutional Obligations

- Initiatives towards Inclusive Environment

Sensitization towards Constitutional Obligations

Course on Constitution of India, Law and Engineering

DVV Clarification

Extended Profile

1.1 Number of Students year wise during last five years






CR 3 -

CR 4 - 

SSR After DVV Clarification