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NewGen IEDC at ITS Engineering College is an organization geared towards speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies. NewGen IEDC has a mission to “promote knowledge based and technology-driven start-ups by harnessing young minds and their innovation potential in an academic environment” In view of this, the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development (NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology (DST), has taken an initiative of introducing this scheme for setting up “New Generation Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centers (NewGen IEDCs)” being implemented by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad.In this initiative DST is providing a grant of Rs. 2.87 cr over a  period of 5 years. 

Objective of Newgen IEDC

With the establishment of NewGen IEDC, ITS Engineering College, undergraduate students, post graduate students, doctoral students, alumni and faculties at NewGen IEDC, ITS Engineering College would be entertained to convert their business ideas into successful commercial or social ventures. NewGen IEDC, ITS Engineering College offers integrated, customized Innovation-Based Incubation support services for potential high investable entrepreneurs and enterprises.  It scouts for innovative entrepreneurs, builds on ideation leading to develop a business concepts, provides skills and competencies trough capacity building/ training programs towards building effective enterprises.

Team Members

Prof. Dr. Vikas Singh Chief Coordinator, NewGen IEDC

Dr. Mayank Garg

Chief Coordinator, NewGen IEDC, ITS Engineering College

Mr. Saurav Kumar Coordinator, NewGen IEDC

Mr. Manvendra Yadav

Coordinator, NewGen IEDC, ITS Engineering College       

4 Star Rating by IIC 2020 - 2021

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida has secured 4 star Rating(Highest Star rating) by Institution’s Innovation Council (2020-2021) Annual Performance Report in College & Standalone Institutions Category. Adjudged as one of the best performing IIC Institutions in the field of innovation all over the country.

Process Model

NewGen IEDC Process Model ITS Engineering College


NewGen IEDC Services ITS Engineering College

NewGen IEDC ITS Engineering College  has a strong base of Graduated and over 10 ongoing startups working day and night to build their dreams.

Action Plan

NewGen IEDC Action Plan ITS Engineering College
NewGen IEDC Action Plan ITS Engineering College

Sanction Order

NewGen IEDC ITS Engineering College
NewGen IEDC ITS Engineering College