Scale New Heights

It is equally important that each activity is meaningful, and ensures student development and advancement through the unit. Activities should build on previous activities and avoid being repetitive, they should enable students to engage with and develop their skills, knowledge and understandings in different ways. Meaningful activities engage students in active, constructive, intentional, authentic, and cooperative ways. Here is a glimpse of pictures (image gallery) of the events held in the ITS Engineering College campus Delhi NCR.

The importance of a college experience depends on how much a student learns from their academic, practical, social, and overall experiences from their time in campus.

A college forms the base of a student’s understanding and learning about the field they have opted in. A skilful learning base will make for a successful career in the future. College is like the building block towards it. You get exposure to both technical and non-technical skills. You get to socialize and meet different people. You get to participate in different events and opportunities to showcase your talent. Most importantly, you can secure a decent job through campus placements. Everything whether academic or non-academic forms a part of your experience.

All in all, you form wonderful college memories with your friends which you’ll fondly look back into later. Pursuing college is necessary both for the career and personal development of an individual.

ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University. The college imparts quality education through the hands of its highly qualified faculty and focuses on technical and soft skills training to enhance the employability of students. Students are provided with multiple opportunities such as internships, workshops, industry visits, expert talks, international conferences, and job placements in top-notch companies.