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Navrachna Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development

Navrachna Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development a Section-8 company, of ITS Engineering College Greater Noida, has decided to offer our budding entrepreneur a chance to build their own startup by converting their innovative ideas to a full-fledged business, by providing complete support to get their Proof-Of-Concept materialized, their companies registered and securing Intellectual Property Rights of their innovation.

Navrachna Foundation, currently have these active running schemes:

1.  NewGen IEDC

2.  StartIN-UP

3.  MSME Business Incubator

NewGen IEDC, a DST sponsored program that aims to inculcate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, NewGen IEDC supports innovators at the ideation level, letting them secure a basic fund to materialize their ideas in POC, Proof-Of-Concept. NewGen IEDC provides up to ₹2.5L per selected idea.

Startin-UP, is the initiative of the Uttar-Pradesh State government, to boost entrepreneurship and thus creating a vast number of opportunities, with their Prototype Development Grant, Marketing Assistance, Patent Support, Event Participation Support and unique Sustenance Allowance make the scheme a complete solution for early-stage startups.

MSME Business Incubator, is a scheme that provide, direct Prototype Development Grant of up to ₹15L, the objective of the scheme is the adaptation of untapped creativity and promoting the adoption of latest technology in MSMEs that seek the validation of their ideas at the Proof-Of-Concept level.

Assistance Provided by Navrachna Foundation:

·  Get their companies registered

·  Complete guidance to raise funds

·  DST, NewGen IEDC, Govt. of India Support of ₹2.5L per Idea

·  Prototype Development Grant and Marketing Assistance Grant under StartIN-UP

·  Patent Assistance under Patent Policy of ITS Engineering College

·  Guidance of Business and Marketing

·  Support in event participation related to startups

, The theme or the thrust areas for the innovation are:

·  Drone and Robotics

·  Embedded Devices,

·  iOT 

·  Deep Tech or AI Enabled Devices.

·  EV

·  Health Tech

·  Agriculture and Food

·  Travel and Tourism

·  E-commerce

·  Clean Tech

·  Manufacturing

Navrachna Foundation welcomes, the students of ITS Engineering College, ITS College of Professional Studies, ITS College of Health and Wellness Sciences to join us through the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, a community of students, aimed towards their personal excellence, inter-disciplinary growth and a chance to explore the vast possibilities that the entire startup ecosystem has to offer, from entry level work and internship opportunities to the opportunity of creating your own dream to a full-fledged business.

The community, as its name suggests is totally for the benefit of the students, by joining this community you will be assigned roles as per your current area of expertise, which may or quite possibly will change, as the time moves and as you explore around the vast opportunities.

The demand of the community is quite simple, we ask you to work towards the community 1 hour per day. You will be exposed to learning some of the most necessary traits, required in the real world, that will include, management, finance, marketing, strategizing, industrial engineering, product engineering and much more.

Navrachna is home to some highly seasoned Startups, and holds opportunities for the current students that might be of great value to you.

Benefits of Joining the Community:

·  Technical Assistance with Project Work, for major and minor

·  Prioritizing the students of community to various Tech and Cultural Festivals

·  Access to a number of internship opportunities

·  Access to quality expert sessions and individual connections with experts

·  Prioritizing the innovative idea from the students of the community

·  Incentivizing students academically as per their performance in the community

·  Government project, collaboration

·  Industrial projects

·  Research and Development


Join us through filing out the registration form attached here. We at Navrachna Foundation, are looking forward positively towards the participation of students, we request students to make sure that they consider this opportunity as an optimistic decision towards their future.


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