Scale New Heights
Project Based Learning B.Tech Civil Engineering at ITS

The students are encouraged to take up challenging projects of practical relevance as part of their curriculum. In the beginning of the seventh semester, the students can choose their projects either from amongst those suggested by the Department or of their own. 

The Department sponsors the visits of the students to industries and national labs, if required for the selection of projects. Thus, most of the students of the Department choose implementation based projects.   At the outset of the project, the students make a preliminary analysis of the problem and are given a choice to select their project guides. 

Projects Based Learning

  • Traffic Signal Design.
  • Behaviour of concrete using coconut shells as coarse aggregate.
  • Use of bamboo as a reinforcement  in concrete.
  • Effect of size of aggregate on self compacting concrete.

  • Effect of size of aggregate on self compacting concrete.
  • Utilisation of waste plastic in manufacturing of Brick along with quarry dust and M sand.
  • Use of common household waste in concrete to make cool pavement.
  • Use of Fly ash in concrete.

  • Easy Wait 
  • Study on concrete made of recycled materials for sustainability.
  • Estimation of Hindon Canal.
  • Design of Sewage Treatment plant for a city.
  • Green Scyscraper: Integration of Plants into scapers.