Scale New Heights

Academic Activities

Departmental Academic Monitoring & Advisory Committee


Smooth functioning of the academic activities of the department:

1. To ensure effective Teaching Learning Process:

 Attendance Monitoring in Lectures and Practical’s

 ERP module management and its execution.

2. To ensure effective execution of Labs:

Monitoring of lab conduct, lab files, lab manuals

3. To maintain discipline & learning environment for effective academic delivery:

Uniform and ID card, late reporters, class counselors

4. To monitor Guest/Expert talks

5. To monitor activities of Professional chapters

6. To schedule remedial classes (for carry over)/GATE classes(for interested students)

7. To ensure Infrastructural environment suited for best academic delivery:

8. Engagement/ arrangement of classes

9. Weekly discussion with the students over various academic related issues;

10. Monitoring of Classes

11. Review of Quiz, Tutorial Sheets, Assignments and Sessional/PUT Question Papers.

12. Record of lectures cancelled due to extra-curricular activities.

13. Any other important issue related to improving the academic standards of the students.


Dr. Vrinda Sachdeva, Associate Professor

Mr. Tarun Kumar Chugh, Asst. Professor

Mr. Vijay Tiwari, Asst. Professor