Scale New Heights

Individual Career Plan

It is a work to solve complex problems using knowledge, skills and critical thinking. Every student will mention one of the two career plans either Entrepreneurship or Corporate placement in project proposal. 

Course Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the project students will be able to

1. Apply the domain (project specific) knowledge to provide solution of a complex problem

2. Analyze the complex problem including its financial aspects.

3. Design & develop an economically viable solution for the identified problem. 

4. Use appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering tools effectively 

5. Work in team and communicate effectively

6. Manage large project with professional ethics and apply solution for the benefits of society. 

7. Understand the importance of Critical thinking in successful completion of large and complex set of activities.

8. This project will develop the ability to apply latest technology to find solution for a complex problem in ever changing business world.

Execution Plan

1. Department Coordinator will conduct an interaction session with the first year students to make them aware about the plan, its objectives, benefits, and outcomes, role of technology and thrust areas.

2. Projects proposals will be submitted to ICP cell.

3. ICP cell will review & approve the project proposal and assign a mentor.

4. Mentor will monitor the progress of the capstone project as per the timeline and will keep a record of the same. 


S.No.TasksTask  Completion Date Remarks
 1Interaction session with an objective to select appropriate technology/ problem area.Mid of  FebruaryInteraction
2Prepare and submission of proposal to ICP: Importance, topic description, methodology etc.Mid of May, 2020Proposal ready
 3Approval of Project proposal and assignment of mentor by ICP.Mid of June, 2020Approval
 4Understanding the topic in greater detail.Mid of August, 2020Understanding
 5Study of topic related literature/ findings and learning required skills through MOOCs courses. Identification of Problem for the project.March, 2021 Related study and MOOCs.
Problem Identification
 6 Create solution/ technique etc.Mid of October, 2021Proposed solution
 7Report on work done till S. No. 6. February, 2022Report
 8Term paper submission.April, 2022Term paper
 9Implementation, prototyping and Testing.October, 2022Implementation
 10 Defense/ Submission of the work.February, 2023Complete


1. Prof. Abhishek Shivhare, Assitstant Professor

2.  Prof. Mukesh Kumar, Assitstant Professor

3.  Prof. Lalita Chaudhary, Assitstant Professor