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HOD's Message 

Why B.Tech Computer Science at ITS

Dr. Ashish Kumar

Professor and Head (B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.)


Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It was established in 2006 with the objective of delivering excellent education and contributing to the industry. The Department's vision is to become a leading and innovative department in the field of Computer Science. The primary aim of the Department is to provide students with a comprehensive blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, enabling them to fulfill diverse societal requirements. The Department endeavors to nurture students into proficient software professionals, capable of serving as Project Managers, System Analysts, Team Leaders, or even entrepreneurs with novel ideas. The Department is confident that a significant number of its students will achieve recognition both nationally and internationally, and we will take pride in their accomplishments. The Department is comprised of a talented, dynamic faculty possessing expertise in a wide range of computer science domains, dedicated students, and a constructive work environment. The Department is committed to fostering a culture of self-reliance, confidence, commitment, and responsibility towards our country. The Department aspires to facilitate careers, broaden horizons, and deliver an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. We have no doubt that our students will demonstrate a high level of professional competency in their respective fields and make us proud. We wish them the very best of luck.