Scale New Heights

Individual Career Plan

It is an investigation work based on knowledge, skills and critical thinking.

Every student has to mention any one of the Career Plan- Entrepreneurship/ Higher education/ Placement in the project proposal


*Educational accomplishments


*Critical Thinking

*Domain Expertise

*Team Work

*Time Management

Outcome: Thesis, Product, Publication/ Patent


Direct: Consideration for Mini Project, MOOCs, Research Paper, Final Year Project etc.

Indirect: Chance of participation in MSME/ EDC, Technical skill up gradation, increased chances of selection, preferred support by CRC etc. 

No. of students per project: depends on no. of projects to be assigned to a mentor (ideal ratio 1: 04). Also in order to maintain the ratio and increase student’s involvement, final year students will be assigned co-mentorship for 3rd year students.

Mentor per project: one from concerned department (Technological guidance)

Transfer/ Change of Project: Not permitted in normal condition however based on ICP Cell (Individual Career Plan Cell) recommendation may be allowed but with mutual consent/ transfers. The transfer should not result in change of strength of project team.

Electronics and Communication Engineering Students Career Plan

Execution Plan

1.  Every department will assign 01/ 02 faculty depending on the strength as coordinator for the project.

2.  Coordinator will conduct an interaction session with the students on it to make them aware about the project, its objectives, benefits etc.

3.  Counselors will assist coordinators in finalizing the project.

4.  Projects proposals will be submitted to ICP cell.

5.  ICP cell will review & approve the project proposal and assign a mentor.

6.  Mentor will monitor the progress check as per the timeline and will keep a record of the same.

7.  In the end of fourth semester ICP will assign a final year student as co-mentor to check the progress. 

Role of ICP

1.  ICP will assign the mentor and approve the proposal

2.  Cell may review the progress of any project anytime in presence of Mentor/ Co-mentor.

3.  Decision of ICP will be final and concluding


S. No.TasksDurationTarget
 1Choose the topic02 monthsMarch 2020
 2Prepare the proposal: Importance, problem description, methodology03 monthsMay, 2020
 3Approval----July, 2020
 4Topic Understanding03 monthsOctober, 2020
 5Study of problem related literature/ finding/ status/ other solutions/ methodologies etc.03 monthsJanuary, 2021
 6Learning required skills and MOOC courses03 monthsApril, 2021
 7Analysis and evaluation02 monthsJuly 2021
 8 Create solution/ proposed technique/ solution etc.03 monthsOctober, 2021
 9Report on work done till S. No. 803 monthsFebruary, 2022
 10Term paper submission03 monthsMay, 2022
 11Implementation and Testing05 monthsOctober, 2022
 12 Defense/ Submission05 monthsMarch, 2023