Scale New Heights

Individual Career Plan

Individual Career Planning encourages individuals to explore and gather information, which enables them to syn­thesize, gain competencies, make decisions, set goals and take action. We try to identify and utilize hidden skills and attributes of our students and ensure the right candidate with the right skills in right direction at the right time. 


The primary objective of career planning is to develop our students’ career goals strategically and then achieve success by placing them in appropriate direction of innovation and corporate world. The individual students attempt to achieve career success by employing relevant skills and knowledge in the following aspects:

- Need and Demand Analysis                - Supply Chain Managements 

- Cost Analysis                                         -  Promotion and Branding of Products and Services 

- Market Analysis                                     -  Product Launching 

 - Production Analysis                             -  Sales Forecasting 


ICP at I.T.S Engineering College provides students with an access to pragmatic opportunities and significant jobs/start ups. Learning outcomes are designed to help students, identify their interests and strengths, opportunities, goals and empower them to practise jobs and leadership experience they find personally significant. Our students can get better outcomeof career plan in their specialization field in the forms of:

- B2B Marketing                                         -  Team Management 

- C2C Marketing                                         -  Profit Maximization 

- Global Marketing                                      -  Business Expansion

 - Real Practical exposure                           -  Registration of Firm/Partnership


We often handle career planning because our multi-talented students will fulfill organization’s future employment needs and related career opportunities in entrepreneurship in the following ways: 

    •  Placement Opportunities in MNC

    •  Increase in Employability Scale

    •  Enhancement of Academic and Entrepreneurship Skill

    •  Dependently start own Venture

    •  MOOCs Certification Course for further development Dissertation Projects  

Execution Plan 

1. Every department will assign one or two faculty depending on the strength as coordinator for the project.

2. Coordinator will conduct an interactive session with the students on it to make them aware about the project, its objectives, benefits etc.

3. Counselors will assist coordinators in finalizing the project.

4. Projects proposals will be submitted to ICP cell.

5. ICP cell will review & approve the project proposal and assign a mentor.

6. Mentor will monitor the progress check as per the timeline and will keep a record of the same.

7. In the end of fourth semester, ICP will assign a final year student as a co-mentor to check the progress.

Live project of B-Tech Third Year students will join students of MBA First Year from mid-February for various task completions: 

Role of ICP

1.  ICP will assign the mentor and approve the proposal.

2.  Cell may review the progress of any project anytime in presence of Mentor/Co-mentor.

3.  Decision of ICP will be final and concluding.


      Dr. Kamal Gupta, Assistant Professor

      Department of MBA