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Project Based Learning @ASH

Learning by doing sounds like a simple sentence, but involves the precise application of various academic and behavioral skills to accomplish the tasks. ASH department incorporates the concept of Project based learning where students are required to inquire about the problem, research the issues, diagnose the situation, and find a feasible solution collaboratively. Students are encouraged to participate in various projects so that they can enhance their problem solving skills as well as to improve their employability.

Presently students of first semester are working with a prestigious project NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge 2020. The challenge will focus on designing, constructing and testing technologies for mobility devices to perform in different environments. This challenge will provide valuable experiences that engage students in the technologies and concepts that will be needed in future exploration missions. Rovers will be human-powered and carry two students, one female and one male, over a half-mile obstacle course of simulated extraterrestrial terrain of craters, boulders, ridges, inclines, crevasses and depressions.. NASA organizes this event every year with different challenges. Our students are involved in telemetry design and fabrication. The department extends all types of support to students in order to complete the project successfully.

Project Based Learning B.Tech Applied Science and Humanities at ITS
Projects B.Tech Applied Science and Humanities at ITS