Scale New Heights


The Department of Applied Science and Humanities mandatorily runs two technology-based online courses for its B. Tech first year learners. These courses have been developed under the aegis of National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) - an initiative funded by Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India and coordinated by IIT Madras and other IITs. 

The first course, aptly named Developing Soft Skills and Personality, aims to teach learners about the basic concept of soft skills and their impact on developing a pleasing personality. This course is run by the Department of ASH for its first semester students. 

The second course in the series - Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality, which is an upgraded version of the previous course, is meant for B. Tech second semester students. This course focuses at a greater depth about the strategies for improving communication skills and enhancing personality through language interaction.

Both the courses are taught via online streaming of video lectures followed by weekly submission of assignments and a proctored exam at the end of the course duration. Each course is of 8 weeks duration's and carries 3 credits each.

Apart from our students, every faculty member of ASH Department enrolls into a specific NPTEL course related to their specialization and requirement. 

Tech Based Learning B.Tech Applied Science and Humanities at ITS
Soft Skills B.Tech Applied Science and Humanities at ITS