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A deadly combination of MBA and B. Tech

19.01.21 10:40 AM

A deadly combination of MBA and B. Tech

Many of the students choose an MBA as their masters from different fields instead of doing or finding a job for their future.


Thinking of having a deadly combination of B. Tech and MBA somewhere from the top college of Delhi or best engineering college for B.Tech.?


Your future job profile would become stronger if you would have done your bachelor's or masters in top colleges in Delhi and will build a better future for you.


After B. Tech you may go for a job and can experience a whole new world and learn a lot of new things or, you may go for future studies like M. Tech or MBA.


If you are good in academics you should go for the M. Tech and if you are good in financial and market knowledge, then you should go for MBA from some best colleges in Delhi or somewhere part of India.


If you are going for an MBA after B. Tech, then your salary expectation will become high and your technical plus market knowledge will help you to gain more experience.


After MBA you can demand a good package and can work in both situations technical or financials and as per data MBA, fresher get a higher package than a B. Tech one.


If you want to choose an MBA as your future career, then you should clear at least 1 of the standard exams which are conducted for the MBA.


Clearing these exams is not too easy because of the increasing competition and difficulty so if you have wished for the MBA then you have to start preparing for exams early.


Being an MBA after B. Tech will help you


1.  It will help you for a clear vision for the future and if you wish to have a startup then MBA would help you to get all the future financial tactics that will help you.


2.  Our industries are now hiring this dual deadly combination for better handling of technical and financial of the markets.


3.  It will help you to get more salaries because of your skills as salaries only depend on your skill set so this combo will help you to get more salaries and a higher post.


4.  Nowadays companies are hiring those who have a technical background as well as financial knowledge at the forefront of their mindset.


5.  It will develop a bombing personality If yours in front of others as your points will sound different with some sort of technical and financial terms.


If you have a wish to proceed with your future with an MBA after B. Tech, then you should check our college in Delhi NCR which holds many records and have a good past.