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Evergreen branch of engineering electronic and communication engineering 

19.01.21 11:05 AM

Evergreen branch of engineering electronic and communication engineering 

ECE or electronic and communication engineering is one of the derived or secondary branches of engineering whose parental fields are computer and electrical engineering.


ECE engineers have to study a mixed-up course of computer science engineers and electrical engineers and because of this, their chances of good placements get increased.


ECE students can have their placements in big industries of Telecommunication, IT industries, electronic communication, one segment of these engineers get placed in the health sectors too for the testing of the digital laser technology in labs and hospitals.


Some of the electrical engineering placements are manufacturing, internet technologies, mobile telecommunications like (2G, 3G, and 4G) and petroleum, chemical industries.


ECE students have the greatest opportunity in both the government and private sectors in the field of designing, manufacturing, transportation of signals, and developing systems.


The ECE experts are best in developing AI systems and Arduino based systems and robots as they know about computers and signals


The importance of ECE engineers can be defined as without the ECE engineers you can not use the wireless mobile phone, can't operate the internet and no AI robots to ease your workload.


Some of the best opportunities after ECE engineering.


The most preferable industry be ECE engineers is Analog and radio wireless signal development as these signals help to get TV, radio, mobile, etc signals at your doorstep.


Signal processing: In this field, the engineers have to store, manage, and adequately transport the signal without losing any heart of it.


Digital systems: All the physical industries are now developing themselves into innovative and online industries so they can process their work faster and this can be done with the help of computers signals operate and no one can be better in this field than an ECE engineer.


Nanotechnology: This field is now developing as fire because of the increase in its demand. The products of nanotechnology are faster transistors, tracking chips, efficient solar cells, and microscopic sensors.


Control system and robotics: Because of the advancement in the AI fields now all the industries are demanding robots for their labour work as they are more accurate so in upcoming years this field will be in the most demand.