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Gear Up For JEE (Main)-2020 Examination

03.04.20 11:01 AM

There is no denying the fact that Engineers move the world. If there is one branch of knowledge and career that impacts both the world and the person positively, it has to be Engineering without any second thought. All the progress happening around us, the bridges that connect people living in remote areas with the main world, the digital technologies that make communication easier and faster, the equipments that add value to life and lifestyle, the means of transportation that give us reasons to spread our wings and the gadgets and gizmos without which it is now near impossible to live… are all developed and perfected by engineers.  No wonder, engineering profession is your ticket to live a good life simply because of all the high packages and respect earned by engineering students all across the world. It is, indeed, the most coveted and highly rewarding profession to choose.


If you also wish to contribute to the world through your innovative ideas and grow in life, choose to be an engineer and if you aspire to be an engineer, JEE Main examination is the way to go. Cracking JEE Main exam is no child’s play; after all, it is considered as one of the main challenges on the road of becoming an engineer.


It is the National Testing Agency (NTA) that conducts the JEE (Main)-2020 Examination. The exam is held twice for admission to Undergraduate Programs in NITs, IIITs, Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs) and many more prestigious Engineering Colleges and Institutes of India. For students who are in class twelve right now, the dates to note are –


First JEE(Main)-2020 will be conducted in January 2020 between 6th January (Monday) and 11th January (Saturday) 2020

Second JEE(Main)-2020 will be conducted between 3rd April (Friday) and 9th April (Thursday) 2020.

This Test is critical for students who wish to do B.Tech or B.Arch; it’s important for the students to study and understand the new pattern of the question paper and the changes done in number of question(s) for B.E./B.Tech, B.Arch and B.Planning.


It is worth mentioning that JEE Exam for B.E or B.Tech covers three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics having 25 questions each. Out of these, 20 are Multiple Choice questions while other 5 are long answer questions pertaining to these three subjects. But for the JEE exam of B.Arch., the question paper covers three subjects namely Mathematics, Aptitude Test and Drawing Test. Aptitude Test for B.Arch. has 50 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 questions for drawing test.


The B. Planning JEE exam has three parts – Mathematics, Aptitude Test and Planning based questions in part third. The third part has 25 objective type questions along with 25 questions in mathematics section and 50 objective type questions in Aptitude Test.


JEE is truly and unofficially considered the most prestigious and toughest tests to crack in India and that’s why students start preparing for it in class twelve only. So if you aspire to do Engineering or B.Tech or B.Arch from a prestigious institute like ITS Engineering College, start preparing for JEE now onwards to get a good rank.