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Importance of Digital Marketing in 21st century

03.02.20 05:08 AM

As technology is playing a major role in business, in, mastery of digital marketing operations and technique has become a prerequisite for success. Digital Marketing is typically a broad term intended for advertising via digital technologies and mainly through the internet. In brief, Digital Marketing is about promoting products or services online using electronic devices.

Digital Marketing aptitude is in through demand. Even the traditional job of marketing, advertising cannot be performed well without the knowledge of digital marketing. Learning of digital marketing will gain a skill-set that will be quite beneficial to career – be it a full time or freelancing job. It is up to the students to pick what sort of Digital Marketer they want to be, i.e to become an entrepreneur, a freelancer offering Digital Marketing services, turn into a Digital Marketing Trainer or Earn money online via Blogging or Affiliate networks

Digital marketing is not a hype; it is the need of the hour. Companies, which were earlier negating the power of digital marketing skills, are now seriously considering it and are applying digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses. It is interesting to know that by the end of 2020; more than 50% of the Indian population would be active internet users, paving way for the digital marketing field to grow unbound.

Digital Marketing is a very vast field covering various subjects like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, E Commerce, Lead Generation, E Mail Marketing, Data Analytics, Big Data, Web Designing, Graphics Design & Content Marketing.

Career Prospects in Digital Marketing

There are unlimited Career opportunities in the field digital marketing. As a brand, it would be very difficult for any organization to survive in the market in case they are not present online. Reaching out to the consumers is the key for successful businesses and for this, they need skilled professionals. Here are some of the popular job profiles for digital marketing professionals.

Every business house is preferring the MBA graduates with the knowledge of digital marketing.With the paradigm shift in the consumer behavior, digital media marketers are constantly adapting new technology methods. More than one-fourth population of world is using internet and this ratio is growing at a rapid rate. So it provides a lot of opportunities to MBA students to grab a good job with good remuneration and excellent growth opportunities.

Here at ITS Engineering College, we provide a hands on practical knowledge to our students via arranging various workshops, training sessions of digital marketing by various industrial experts who are already working on such a platform.We also help them to get register and to grab various online certificates in the same discipline.






Importance Of Digital Marketing