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Know Your Aptitude

25.11.19 09:00 AM

What is Aptitude?

Aptitude refers to an individual's ability to learn or perform certain skills. Aptitude tests are administered by employers to screen candidates for employment. It is a test designed to measure a person's potential ability to perform an activity of a specialized kind. Aptitude tests refer to standardized tests designed to measure an individual's ability to develop certain skills. Studies have applied tests of psychomotor ability, cognitive knowledge, and personality and attempted to relate them to measures of surgical skill. 

Why is Aptitude Required?

Companies nowadays provide adequate work-related training to their employees themselves, but they require the recruit to be competent and able enough to imbibe that training quickly and effectively. This is why aptitude skills have become an integral part of all recruitment processes. 

Objective of Aptitude Training

The sole objective of imparting aptitude training is to make students able to critically evaluate various real-life situations by resorting to an analysis of key issues and factors. They should be smart enough to read between the lines and understand various language structures. It helps them to demonstrate various principles involved in solving mathematical problems and thereby reducing the time taken for performing job functions.

How to Prepare for Aptitude Test?

Before hiring students for placements a number of companies convey written tests in order to ascertain the intelligence level of applicants. The main aim of conveying these tests by companies is to discard those candidates who do not match the terms and conditions of the company. Given the vast population of students especially engineering students in our country, the number of aspirants is generally far greater than the number of openings in various companies and this problem lead the companies to use these tests as a method of eliminating students.

Companies that hire students through campus placements have various rounds to shortlist exemplary candidates. These rounds hold aptitude tests, group discussions and then the last one is a personal interview.

There are approx 90% of the candidates who apply for the exam but fail to qualify it. The aptitude test is conducted to test the candidate on Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Analytical Ability/Logical Reasoning.

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