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Technology is saving the world 

19.01.21 11:29 AM

Technology is saving the world 

Technology is saving the world


Technology helps humankind in simplifying their life. It makes travelling easy, fewer deaths from deadly diseases, better lifestyle, and has solved most of the complicated problems in our life.


Nowadays people are also opposing the developing technology just because of the thinking that it might hurt the environment.


But our advance developing technology has maintained the balance in between saving the world and developing humankind in several ways.


Some ways in which we can say that technology is saving the world


  1. Development of renewable technology


Renewable energy is also known as the future fuel of machines and is developing at a high rate as per non-renewable energy resources causes pollution and has a limited supply.


This renewable energy resources will be much cheaper and will provide better energy to the engines of vehicles and has a budget-friendly storage chamber.


It will help in reducing air pollution and noise pollution which will help us to improve our lifestyle and the quality of air.


  1.  Saving wildlife species


The developing technology us to save our endangered wildlife species like tiger, etc as per wildlife is also the integrated part of our ecosystem.


Some ways in which we protect animals.


GPS tracking collars on the neck of every animal which help us to track them easily. This collar is mainly found on the neck of animals like rhinos, elephants and tigers.


The digital sound tracking system helps us to detect the change in the frequency in the sound of the animals through which we get to know about the disaster or any danger with the animal.


Keeping an eye on them with the help of drones and cameras installed there to protect them from a different situation like forest fires, etc.


Predictive analysis of different animals which gives a future indication of their activity to us so we can have time to be prepared.


  1. Adopting a better and smarter lifestyle


Technology helps us to make our lifestyle better like now we are much safer and has a sustainable lifestyle than before.


Now we have smart homes and moving toward a green living and has lower the wastage of energy.


Smart cars are now also available in the market and they are much safer and have an auto driver which means that we don't have to learn the driving.


Based on these factors, we can say that technology is helping in protecting our ecosystem and our world.