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The power of your tongue  

10.11.20 11:24 AM

The power of your tongue


The tongue has enough power that it can make or destroy the relations of humankind.


A person with a good tongue will be loved by everyone and a person with a harsh tongue will be hated by us.


So this is very important for all of us to elaborate our wordings in such a way that it will be loved by everyone, not they will start hating you because of your tongue.


If you are speaking the truth directly it may hurt others so this is very important for us to have control over our tongue or it will destroy all your relations.


Just imagine if you having a debate with anyone and you can't control your tongue then you may utter some words that can hurt the others and it will lead to the destruction of the feeling in others heart for you.


Just remember one thing that your words can change the world for you and your whole life is controlled over your tongue.


Sometimes when you know each other but then also they get hurt by your words or jokes because the way you utter them is the biggest reason that how they will understand that.


Just imagine if you are the well-wisher for someone but you don't know how to wrap up your words than it can leads by hurting them.


So this is very important for us to keep our tongue in control especially when you are angry or hurt.


You should listen more to other than you speak because if you will speak less than others will try to understand your point and it will create less chance to hurt them.


Just wait for the perfect time to speak because every word and expression has its own time to get uttered as it will create more values of your word. 


Try to be soft even if you are angry because a soft voice can kill the anger of others and will give a new look to your conversation.


Try to do less gossip as this will make very much misunderstanding and misinterpretation of your words and the feeling with you want to say.


Never speak anything wrong and try to be clear and talk point to point without creating much gossip and spices to the talk.