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What makes the itsian special 

19.01.21 11:53 AM

What makes the itsian special 

What makes the itsian special


I. T. S. Engineering College is one the best engineering college in Delhi which provides you with many facilities.


Being a part of I. T. S. Engineering college you can experience many mind-blowing things like the great support by our faculty for your every step.


Our faculty always stands with the student and make sure that any student will not get into any trouble inside or outside of college.


Your doubts will be resolved by the time even if you are asking them late at night most of our faculty keeps their data on for your seek.


Our college supports the talent very much as per our college dance group is the topmost favourite dance group in greater Noida knowledge park 3rd.


The kabaddi team of our college has also won aktu zonal and now they are competing for the national zonal.


So, I think these examples are enough to tell you about the support which our student gets from our college faculties and management.


Our college includes the best innovation center from nearby colleges where you can work on your projects in a silent environment and you can concentrate on your startups too.


If you are interested in working on projects, then you will be able to work on different ongoing projects of your choice or it may be of your prospective field.


The library of our college is also very huge and has 13000+ books for your all-round development in studies and my personality.


We also have a digital library that will help you to do research and surfing over the internet for additional information about your studies and project.


I T.  S engineering college has been received awards from the ministry of education of India and comes under the top 5 private engineering in North UP.


The I. T. S engineering college has a good image in organizing a tech-fest every year to fascinate the good innovative projects of the students from all the colleges in knowledge park 3rd.


Our college always helps in the overall development of the student so they can face any situation in professional life we never try to make parrots we always try to build clever minds so they can achieve big heights in future.