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Why focusing on big goals tends to the biggest failure

05.11.20 11:30 AM

Why focusing on big goals tends to the biggest failure


Everyone in this world tries to focus on achieving big heights in their life but later they get frustrated and many of us give up their goals of achieving big heights.

So the journey is not about achieving big goals or success in life the main thing is about focusing on the path that they have to follow to achieve big heights.

So, if you focus on your goal then later when many days passed then your goals will be vanished and all the motivational days will be dried.


How to achieve heights

If you want to get success in your life then you should focus on the path because no one talked about the struggle and the mental pressure that they have gone through to reach that point in life.

Only successful people know the value of the path followed that they have followed they just have followed the path and never focused on a limited goal.

They just know about the path that has to be followed not a goal to be achieved so they growing bigger and bigger because they know the way to travel on the path of success in their field.


Bill gates

We all have heard about the bill gates that he comes under the top 5 richest people in the world. He One's said he just followed the path of developing Microsoft and he never settles for any goal. when he reached a point and he again shifts his goal to a bigger number.

So, just ask yourself that in how much success stories that have you read the person has a fixed goal and he or she has been settled for it.

They always shift their goal according to their need and the market but most importantly they follow the path for achieving success.

You should shift your focus from achieving a goal to the path and choose some short time goals on that path so when you will achieve the goal then you will become happy and will try harder with more confidence.

The path to your goal should contain all the points required to get success in your field and never tries a different path to success for a different type of goal.


Try to be specific about your goal and path and then break it into small points and set to goal accordingly.

Later you should try to find the breakers in your path and resolve them and celebrate the process of achieving small heights and enjoy the path.