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Elevator Pitch

24.12.19 04:53 AM

An elevator pitch is a crisp, short and persuasive speech to arouse interest in what you or your organization does. It is called as an elevator pitch because it is small enough to be presented during an elevator ride. Elevator pitch can be used in a sales pitch, in a self-introduction, raising a toast to someone etc. Let’s try to understand the elevator pitch with an example. Suppose you are trying to take an appointment with a senior guy working in your dream company since a very long time but unfortunately you are not able to make it till now.  One fine evening you find him in a coffee shop. He is waiting for someone and you have few minutes to pitch yourself. There can be two possible outcomes in this situation. First is you will keep thinking that whether to approach him or not, what to say to him etc. etc., and then you realize that time has gone. The second option is to walk to that person and pitch your idea in the most interesting manner.  This might result in getting an appointment for you and opening the way to success.

You should keep certain points in mind before creating an elevator pitch as mentioned below

1) Be passionate about what you say or do. Unless and until you are not excited by what you say, you can’t get your audience excited.

2) Show your unique selling proposition. Make sure to mention that how are you different from others.

3) Make it interesting. Do not bore the listeners.

For example if you are working as a data analyst then instead of saying your designation plainly you can say that I help people and organizations in taking better decisions  by analyzing past behavior.

If you are a teacher then instead of saying this you can say that I nurture the mind of the kids so they can become more open in receiving different experiences in life and become good learner in life.

If you are a human resource executive then you can say that I help my organization in identifying and retaining the right talent.