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Aritificial Intelligence & Machine Learning engineering course

By - varun
21.09.21 09:00 AM

ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida has opened its doors to a new branch of engineering in Bachelor of technology—Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning (Al & Ml), from the academic year 2021 onwards.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the new computer of technology. In simple words, AI gives life to the machines—by giving them intelligence. This enables the machine to imitate humans in terms of perception, decision making, speech recognition, and language interpretation. And the way we can construct Ai is through Machine learning. Ml is the tool required for the machines to make intelligent decisions based on algorithms and historical data. Some of the well-known applications of AI include Siri, Google Maps, Google assistant, data bot, music and media streaming services, etc. It is like creating a mini robot inside the software.

AI and ML are a subset of Computer science engineering. What separates AI from computer & computer applications is unlike most computer software's that are required to be pre-programmed, AI does not require that. Instead, they require machine learning algorithms like reinforcement learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks in order to work with their intelligence.

Scope of AI & ML.

The world we see today is mostly driven by technology. The smartphone we carry every day is the best example of that. Artificial Intelligence aims to add another dimension to that technology by solving real-time problems, thus meeting the goals of organizations and humans in general. The requirement of AI is spread into various fields such as robotics, games, finance, cybersecurity, social media, driverless automobiles, health, space technology—the opportunities are endless. An example of its usage was at the time of the Covid pandemic where AI-assisted in the development of vaccines with its analytical predictions and machine learning.

AI is like a developing country that is growing rapidly and still has room to evolve more. There are three kinds of working AI- Weak AI, general AI, and strong AI. In terms of capabilities, AI is still at the weak and general level. It has yet to evolve into a strong AI. Scientists have planned to modify AI to the point where it will track and analyze patients in real-time and help combat fatal diseases such as cancer. While driverless cars are already in use, albeit rarely, they will predictably replace a large number of regular automobiles in the coming decades. These were just some of the examples of AI and its scope in the future.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning jobs.

According to the report prepared by the World Economic Forum, there will be a requirement of 58 million new Artificial intelligence jobs by the end of 2022. AI is continuing to take over technology, thus increasing the demand for artificial intelligence & machine learning jobs in various industries. The subject of Machine learning is crucial for building AI and will be made as mandatory as programming in the coming years. Some of the jobs posts of AI & ML include Artificial intelligence engineer, data scientist, software engineer, robotics engineer, machine learning engineer, AI researcher, ML architect, etc. While some of the well-known AI companies based in India are Dixon, Google, Adobe, Amazon, Wipro, Honeywall Automation, Pfizer, etc.

AI & ML in ITS Engineering College

Being aware of its vast growing aspects, ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida has added Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course into its educational structure. The course of AI will include machine learning, automation, neural networks, algorithms, language processing, robotics, pattern recognition amongst others. The duration of the B Tech AI & ML engineering will be of 4 years, comprising of 8 semesters in total.

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida is affiliated with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and is the best engineering college in AKTU. The students studying here are blessed with a myriad of opportunities through interactive workshops, entrepreneurship programs, internships, industry visits, expert talks, virtual classroom sessions, and job placements in top-notch companies. They also train their students on non-technical soft skills to prepare them for the corporate world, thus securing their future in artificial intelligence.

We believe this is the best time for students to choose AI as their career path at a time when it is thriving in the technological world globally. Students seeking admission in these programs for the session 2021 can register themselves through the ITS Engineering official website