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Best Engineering College in Delhi NCR

28.12.19 08:52 AM

Key points For Deciding The Best Engineering College In Delhi NCR

Research has indicated that by the year 2018, India will topple Japan to become the world’s third largest economy. With the Central Government implementing several schemes like Digital India and Make in India, skilled engineering graduates are heavily required. 

Any career choice you make should enable you to have plethora of opportunities, exposure, growth opportunities and abundant future prospects. Therefore, choosing the best engineering college is a momentous task for any aspiring candidate.


Why Engineering?

A course in Engineering is not only prestigious but also requires much labour and hard work. In spite of several courses in science evolving everyday and offered by various colleges, a degree in Engineering is the most sought after one.

The course demands logical and a critical bent of mind. Engineers also make good managers and therefore Fortune 500 CEO’s have engineering degree. Do not forget our very own Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO is also an engineer.

The lavish lifestyle with the privilege of travelling is one of the take-aways from the course. The lucrative branches across the nation are nuclear, petroleum, computer and chemical engineering.


Why engineering course in Delhi NCR?

Delhi NCR is blooming with plethora of colleges which makes it a viable option for one to purse not only engineering but any academic course. The pleasant weather round the year makes the cosmopolitan the most sought after city to pursue education.


Proven factor for selecting engineering course in Delhi NCR

Besides that, the IT City has vast number of Multi National Companies, software companies as well as other corporate companies which is convenient for the students to gain maximum exposure.

Delhi, the capital of India has earned the pride of being the IT City of India with over 300 Software companies and many more venturing into the city at rapid pace. The quick growth of the city has witnessed springing up of several colleges to meet the demands of the industry. The city possesses number of private as well as government aided institutions.

As a result, pursuing Engineering in the city blooming with prospects is a viable option for all the aspiring students.

Factors to keep in mind before selecting Top Engineering College:-

Before plunging onto the ocean of colleges at your disposal there are few things which one must keep in the mind.


Selecting the Branch– Choosing the best course is an onerous task ahead, as the student should think of the branch which will be a conglomeration of one’s passion and feasibility. The branch one will take up should make one adept enough to face the competitive world.

One should select the stream as one aspires to and not forced by parents or following the rat race. It is essential to have basic knowledge of mathematics to shine in the subject. One must also carefully choose the branch of engineering best suited for the candidate’s aptitude.


Placement- 100% placement is the bait with which every colleges attract the students and parents. It should be understood that, no institution can claim 100% placement, not even the topnotch of the country. Therefore, one should be aware of the fake claims and look forward to verifying facts and figures before enrolling in the college.


Scholarships– One should also look for the scholarships available for the meritorious students as well as to those below the poverty line and belonging to certain minority communities.


Faculty-The student should ensure a strong and experienced faculty base with collaborations in the industry. Apart from that, keep in your mind that the stream should be the main focus, as different colleges specialise in specific branch of engineering.


Strong– Be strong enough to face dejection. The city is bustling with host of colleges, so those who have not been able to secure ranking good enough for the IIT’s and NIT’s, remember that there are multitudinous ways to study in other colleges and secure the degree.


Choosing Best Engineering Course

Choosing the best engineering branch is what will shape your career. There are core engineering disciplines which has several specialized branches.


·  Civil Engineering

·  Computer Science Engineering

·  Electrical & Electronics Engineering

·  Electronics and Communication Engineering

·  Mechanical Engineering


The admissions in the colleges are based on the rank obtained by the student. After the results are out, the candidates should register for counseling. The counseling constitutes – verification of documents, choosing the branch and colleges as well as payment of fees. Once the counseling is done, as per the merit students are allotted the respective colleges based on their ranks.

Therefore, do not delay and rush to choose your favorite branch of engineering in the IT city of Delhi NCR. A degree in Engineering will not only benefit and build your prospects but also help in building the nation.