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How are you coping with COVID 19 and staying at home?

05.04.20 05:51 AM

Covid-19 is becoming a nightmare for the world; more than 10,00,000 people have been affected by this deadly virus. The latest News is that Prince Charles of the United Kingdom has tested positive for Coronavirus. The number of affected cases and the deaths are increasing exponentially every day. Italy and Spain are the worst affected countries in Europe while the US is estimated to become the next epicenter of Covid-19 cases. This is just the right time for India to save itself by intensifying its Stay Home campaign. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has called down for a 21-day national lockdown which means that the country will be under curfew and people are expected to stay indoors.

Only the shops related to essential supplies are open and the rest of the market, gyms, spas, health clubs, restaurants, schools, colleges and even public offices are closed. So there is no way or place to go out and spend time. All of us have to spend the next 21 days at home so that India can get back to its normal routine once again.

Here is what you can do in the next 21 days to make the best use of your time –

Join an e-learning course – Many websites like Udemy, Lynda, EdX, YouTube Premium etc. have videos that teach things online. You can join whatever interests you – animation, dancing course, sketching course, website development etc. So many e-learning courses are available these days. You can join a course and sharpen your skills while sitting at your home.

Work on your hobbies – If you are fond of music, drawing, painting Zentangle etc.; now is the time to practice at home and hone your skills. For example, if you want to be a Yoga trainer, you can start practicing at your home and even make your videos of the practice. You can start your YouTube channel and upload these videos online and get recognized for your skills.

Read good books and watch good TV series – There is no curfew on social media and digital media usage so you can watch some of the most popular TV series or you can read good books. Harry Potter fans or The Game of Thrones fans can catch up whatever they have missed earlier and or watch the complete series on Netflix or Hotstar.

Invest in your health – You can use this period to do home fitness exercises and control your junk food indulgence because restaurants are closed and there is no home delivery option. So all of us would be eating home-cooked food only. This is the time to detox yourself and rejuvenate your body.