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What Is The Best Definition Of Education?

06.04.20 06:35 AM

While there is no denying the fact that education builds the foundation of a good life; there however is big confusion about what is the best definition of education. How do you define education? Is it A for achievement for career and J for job? Or is it about enhancing one’s capabilities to earn name, fame, and money?  Is it about getting a degree and getting a job or is it about achieving something so very special like Sundar Pichai? So what actually is education and how can we define it.


Before we define it, we need to understand that it is education that has been the foundation of all development that has been happening in civilization and all around. Without education we would still have been living in Stone Age; we would not have discovered wheel and we would have certainly not used our mobile phones for e-commerce, for e-learning and whatever exciting is happening in the world. So definitely, one meaning of education is innovation and anything that sparks your creativity and potential and makes you think new is education.


Books alone do not make education comprehensive. We need to understand that reading more books does not make a person smart enough to do new things for the society. The right kind of education opens your mind and makes you think in terms of how to use this knowledge in real world. That’s why the leading colleges of the world now follow the holistic concept of education by organizing industry-oriented workshops and sessions by industry experts for their student of B.Tech, MBA etc.


Education is a lot about opening your conservative thinking and thinking the new especially keeping the social relevance concept in mind. In last few decades, there was a trend of Indian youth going abroad for education but with the emergence of private colleges like ITS Engineering College and educational institutions like ITS Engineering College, the process of brain drain has slowed down a bit. Indian students are getting world-class education right here and contributing to nation building with their out-of-the-box ideas. And that’s the main purpose of education. Colleges like ITS Engineering College are fast emerging as the first choice of Indian as well as youth from other countries who seek quality education and intellectual growth.