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Education is not a Singular Term

12.12.19 08:45 AM

Who doesn’t know about Sunder Pichai? He is the current CEO of Google who is all set to be the CEO of its parent company, Alphabet Inc as well. This Indian has won the world with his humility, vision and knowledge. So, what makes him such an extra-ordinary achiever? The answer is – his extra ordinary commitment in education and professional training!

Indeed, the world today is ruled by people who are educated and committed to work passionately. Education is what brightens up the future of a child born in under-privileged family. Education is the reason why Indians are doing so well all across the world. However, one needs to understand that it is not just good grades that ensure success. Success comes to those who have achieved holistic education – an all-inclusive education that includes classroom teaching, co-curricular activities, general awareness, personality development, skill training and sports as well.

You can make education the key to your success if you get enrolled in an institution as reputed and sought as ITS Engineering College. The students of ITS Engineering College are not only successful in academics but also in extracurricular activities that don’t just make them skill full and innovative as professionals but also useful and complete citizens who contribute significantly to the prosperity of the society as a whole.

What you need to understand in context of education is –

Education Is Not A Singular Term – ITS Engineering College understands and believes that knowledge and opportunities go hand in hand. Education is not something that imparts only bookish or technological or vocational knowledge to you. It expands your knowledge and perspective on life and puts you directly in the path of opportunities that will develop you socially, economically and personally as well.

It Is Your Responsibility To Recognise The Importance Of Education

Education is very important when it comes to building a strong nation. Nobody can achieve success in life until they are taught the right values and the right ways of living. It is high time that the youth takes responsibility of their education and choose an institution that helps them gain confidence through industry exposure and skill training as well.

You can meet the counselling team of ITS Engineering College if you need any help for planning your higher education route.

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