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Why Mechanical Engineering?

By - varun
07.01.22 10:55 AM
Without mechanical engineers, Physics is just a theory. And this holds true as it is the mechanical engineers that bring the engineering concepts to life. No wonder the course of mechanical engineering is still in high demand. Mechanical engineering is the study of designing, developing, analyzing and maintaining mechanical tools, engines, machines and sensors. If one has a passion for mathematics and physics, then Mechanical Engineering is the best career path to delve their interests in. ME find its applications in the field of automobiles, research, aircraft, manufacturing, power plant, thermal and mechatronics. 

What would you need?

So you have decided to step forward into the mechanical world through the course of mechanical engineering (ME). The next step is to choose a platform that would nurture that dream for you—an engineering college. Keep in mind that a mechanical engineer requires the skill to apply their knowledge on the field. A mechanic cannot thrive on theoretical concepts alone. So it is best to choose a college that not only enhances the employability quotient but also on the practicality of the subject.  A student choosing a college for pursuing B Tech Mechanical needs to look out for the following aspects such as college placement record, state- of- the- art labs, center of Excellence, excellent faculty, skill development, etc. Choose a college that is known for its innovation and research. It should also have an open, vibrant campus environment where the student gets the privilege to thrive through exams, live projects, industry visits, internships, and workshops.

The campaign of ‘Made in India’ has brought a revolution in the Indian Manufacturing and Industrial sector. As a result, there has been an upsurge of mechanical engineers with the need of grooming them with practicality and creativity. Some of the high payable job profiles in the mechanical domain are automation engineer, research & development engineer, mechanical engineer, powertrain engineer, water engineer, CAD Technician etc. 

Mechanical Engineering in ITS Engineering College.

If you are looking for a college that ticks off all the boxes for a skillful mechanical engineer, then look no further than ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida. It is affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and is the best engineering college in AKTU. The college has upstaged itself in placements by organizing over 350+ company visits with more than 400 job offers to the students in the academic year of 2020- 2021. 


If we talk about ‘Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements’ (ARIIA), then ITS Engineering College has been ranked between 6th - 25th  in Private Colleges/ Institutes across India by the Ministry of Education. This achievement has been possible due to the continuous effort by the founders, staff and students collectively. 

The Mechanical engineering department in ITS Engineering is in sync with the current industry 4.0, adapting the current trends of automation and data exchange including the internet of things, cyber physical systems and cloud computing. They inspire their students to be a smart engineer for a smart factory. 

By choosing to pursue B tech Mechanical, the students will be exposed to technologies such as automation, manufacturing systems, fluid mechanics, computer aided design, NANO 3-D Printing, etc. On top of that, the college has 8 centers of excellence which help in providing in- depth understanding with the most relevant industries. SMC Pneumatics CoE was established with SMC Pnuematics which is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. They provide training, projects and industrial solutions in the field of Industrial Automation and Pneumatic Technology. Moreover, the college provides additional opportunities through interactive workshops, entrepreneurship programs, internships, industry visits, expert talks, virtual classroom sessions, and job placements in top-notch companies. They also train their students on non-technical soft skills to prepare them for interviews and placements. All of this will enable the students to hone their analytical, logical thinking and behavioral skills necessary to materialize them in the corporate sector later on. 

If you are looking to build a bright future in Mechanical engineering in ITS Engineering you can click on the link to take the first steps towards your dream.