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Exposure and Achievements at ITS Engineering College

By - varun
18.09.21 07:25 AM

Talking about engineering and management institutes, one of the most important things is the exposure of the students to work like conditions and achievements they get during their campus life.

ITS Engineering College has been pioneering in providing industry like exposure to its students since 2006.

Exposure at ITS Engineering College

This college believes in shaping the future of engineers with skill-based education.

This college offer courses in all major branches including Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Science Engineering.

They provide experienced faculty of very high quality and alsoprovide enough room for the students to research and make presentations.

The exposure future engineers and administrators get in ITC through their expert talks, minor and major projects related to specific technologies are incomparable to any other institute.

Not only the students are made industry ready by training them with required skills, they are also provided great exposure to become future entrepreneurs and start their MSMEs.

This college can be said as one of the flag bearers of ‘Make in India’ which has opened new opportunities for engineers and administrators in India.

They encourage new talents and innovative ideas not only just by providing them with very strong incubation centers but also they support the incubated ideas with 2.5 lakh rupees.

And in the case of MSMEs, the idea is selected and supported with 15 lakh rupees so that the idea can be further incubated into a prototype.

And once the prototype is ready, the college even supports them in getting the patents and also intellectual property rights.

And the support does not stop here if any student wants to start a business and if the idea is scalable and marketable then the college provides seed funding too from their side.


Achievements at ITS Engineering College

While talking about the achievements of the students at this college, it is very difficult to find where to start.

Talking about international achievements, they have one unique achievement of sending one of their team to NASA for participating in the Human Exploration Rover challenge which is an annual event at NASA, and every year only 4 to 5 teams are selected from India.

They also organize their technical fest where students from all over UP, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi are invited in big numbers.

The students can showcase their ideas, prototypes, and projects in the fest.

Apart from all these, the students also get plenty of opportunities to participate in lots of events outside their college and university where they have been victorious on numerous occasions.


And the series of achievements does not stop here, the college also provides numerous opportunities for students to achieve in fields which are out of their education.

The College provides Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Cricket Ground, Football Ground, Volleyball Court, and Badminton Courts along with it separate gyms for girls and boys.

Names of some achievers in sports from ITS Engineering College:

Sheell Vardan won Gold Medal (2018-19) and Silver Medal in (2019-20) at Zonal level AKTU Sports.

Payal Singh won Gold Medal (2018-19) in chess at Zonal Level AKTU Sports.

ITS Volleyball team stood Runner-up (2018-19) at Zonal level AKTU Sports.



ITS Engineering College is unique and advanced college in the fields of engineering and management.

The way they support their students whether be it with high-quality teachers or seed funding their ideas is unique and appreciable.