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Is Engineering the right field for you?

By - varun
21.09.21 09:50 AM

Be it engineering, medical, or any other field, everyone asks the same question. But the question itself is flawed. Instead of asking—is this right for you, one should ask—Will I be able to do it right? It is mostly upto the individual, their passion and dedication towards their career that drives them to the road of success.

Engineering is a vast field that comprises top engineering courses and opportunities in the corporate world. New branches are being added in the B. Tech course, aiming to align with the developing technology. As long as science exists, engineers will exist to develop as well.

Before choosing engineering as your domain, ask yourself whether you are choosing this on your own or is peer pressure mapping your career for you? If it's the latter, then it will be a tough road ahead of you, and the chances of becoming a successful engineer are close to nil. Many engineering pursuing students are unable to score well because of this reason. Make sure you choose engineering because you want to. This also includes choosing top colleges for B tech in India that builds the base for you, like ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida.

Below are the parameters to consider before choosing the best course for Btech. Consider these and ask yourself whether engineering is the right fit for you.

1-  Maths and Physics are an integral part of the B tech course. A student excelling in these two subjects is capable enough to be an engineer. It's okay if you are lacking in few areas, but you need to be quick in basic mathematics and calculations. Please reconsider engineering if you are weak in Mathematics and Physics. These subjects are vitally needed to clear the competitive exams like JEE and are put into use in the corporate world later on.

2-  If you happen to like solving technical problems, riddles, and puzzles, then congratulations, you met your match in engineering. Besides maths and physics, engineering requires a person with analytical and critical thinking skills.

3-  Technology is a synonym for computers. If you happen to love working with computers and their technicalities, you'll love engineering as well.  Be it, Information Technology, Computer Science, or Artificial Intelligence, there are multiple options when it comes to the technical aspects of engineering. Computer engineers are needed both in hardware and software.

4-  Observation is also an integral aspect of an engineer. If you possess a keen eye for detail then you are eligible to choose to engineer.

5-  Creativity is to go beyond what is available and develop something new. A person with a creative mind can do wonders in engineering. It could be an innovative way to solve a problem or make something that is timely and efficient.

6-  If you are keen on the idea of developing and sustaining infrastructures, airplanes, telecommunication devices, engines, automobiles, robots, then you can make your wish come true through the medium of engineering. Besides these, there is an availability of engineers in the field of medicine, agriculture, ceramics, marine, environment, etc. The opportunities are endless.

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