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Life in ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida

By - varun
18.09.21 07:27 AM

While talking about engineering colleges, it is important to know about the life a student will live in it, the quality of education he will get there,and also at the same time the most important thing which is placement opportunities from the college.

As engineering and management have been growing rapidly as some of the most popular branchesamong students in India, where students compete to get into the best institutes of the country. It is important to look at the demands of the students from their campus life.


1.  Industry Exposure: One of the most important thing which gives the students an exposure to the professional life of engineers and Business administrators are internships and seminars from world-class companies and administrators.

2.  World-Class Infrastructures: As colleges become a second home for students aspiring engineering and management, it is most important for the institute to have a positive and adverse impact on the student along with that, it also needs to be hygienic and comfortable for the student.

3.  Educational trips and excursions: To make the learning more efficient, there must be a proper break from regular classes at frequent intervals and trips and excursions are the best intervals that keep the students jolly and motivated.

4.  Sports and Cultural activities; As they say,”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Sports and cultural activities are the things that are most necessary for any student to cheer up in their college life.

These are some of the many dreams which an engineering or management student aspires from its college.

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida is an institute that not only accommodates students with these aspirations of theirs but also provides a lot more than they expect.

Life in ITS engineering college is full of good quality education and many popular activities.

Starting with literary activities such as Once Upon A Time, Chai Pe Charche, English debate & slogan writing, Newspaper reading, etc., there are many fun and frolic Academic Activities such as Story enactment, Rangoli Competition, Fashion Show, Dance competition, Singing competition, stand up comedy, and lot more.

There are many inter-house competitionswhich are held on special occasions of the year.

And along with all these, there are many opportunities for recognition and clubs such as Ehsaas: The Theatre Club, Kalashetra: The Art Club, Rock band: The musical Club, and many more.

The students of ITS engineering college also organizes a mega-event Udghosh which is a two-day event where popular shows by the houses are held and also there are performances by celebrities.

Apart from these programs, there are also many sports events held by ITS engineering college. To name some, there are events in Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, etc.

And for fitness lovers, there is an all-season gym separate for boys and girls which includes all the necessary equipment needed to remain fit.


ITS Engineering College in an institute that every engineering and management aspirant dreams of.

Studying in this college makes the students industry-ready as well as develops the students into world-class engineers and entrepreneurs.