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What is Mechanical Engineering?

06.04.20 06:13 AM

ITS ENGINEERING COLLEGE has introduced yet another job-oriented and industry-specific programs for the youth – B. Tech Mechanical Engineering which has been designed keeping in mind the rising demand and scope of automation and robotics engineering in the near future. ITS ENGINEERING COLLEGE took into account how the veteran intellectual minds of India are already at the pivot of breakthroughs in the world of artificial intelligence and robotics across the globe. They have made their mark and proved their mettle. It was only fair to give the scientific acumen of their younger counterparts a fair chance.

Robotics and automation are the latest and the most highly trending technologies in industries such as manufacturing operations, aviation, and shipping companies, pharmaceutical and automobile industry, control systems, mining, and more! At ITS ENGINEERING COLLEGE we have recognized these disciplines as an ideal way to achieve the goal of a sustainable future which will be carved with the able hands of young India.

There is so much a student can do after completing their B. Tech Mechanical Engineering at ITS ENGINEERING COLLEGE. They can create a niche career as Micro-Robotics Engineer, Automation Engineer And Designer, Medical Robotics, Design And Control Experts, Robot Manipulators, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, Bio-Cybernetics Engineer, Computer Aided Manufacturing Designers and Architects, Air Traffic Management Systems Expert, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Digital Electronics And Micro-Processors Architect, Signal Processing Professionals, Robot Motion Planning Expert and even as a Computational Geometry Architect.