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Why is engineering the first choice of 12th standard students?

By - varun
18.09.21 07:34 AM

Engineering :

Engineering is that branch of applied science, which uses scientific principles to design and create machines, structures, software, and lots of other items which include bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles; apart from that almost every man-made object which surprises and astonishes us has engineered in it.

Engineering among 12th students in India :

To take engineering as a profession is what many youths in India aspire to. The advancement towards engineering has made a historical impact on the education sector of India which is the same as the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century.

Talking about the popularity of engineering among Indian youths particularly 12th students is what is growing exponentially day by day.

According to reports from various news outlets in India, each year more than 10 lakh students after clearing their 12thexam, sits for engineering entrance exams and opt for engineering as their careers in India.

Reasons for the popularity of Engineering as a profession:

While talking about popularity, we must understand that the craze among 12th students for engineering was not always there.

India did not see such a spike in engineering as a profession in the last century. It is due to the growth of the engineering industry in India that has created a great demand for engineers. If we look into some points of growth, they would be:

1.  Increasing demand for engineers: With India being the world’s 8th  largest consumer and 10th largest in the production of machine goods globally, as of 2018, it has driven a great demand for engineers.

2.  Attractive opportunities: With engineering comes good and attractive opportunities which as a result improves the quality of life and also changes the lifestyle of the person, which is again an attractive driving force among students to opt for engineering after 12th.

3.  Diverse branches of engineering: Engineering provides vast and versatile branches where a student gets lots of choices to choose their areas of interests.

4.  High-quality engineering institutes: With India having innumerable quality engineering colleges, the popularity of engineering has grown a lot among 12th standard students.

Apart from these, there are many social reasons for engineering to grow such rapidly. Alongwith it, the increasing population of the country and the competition to get admission to high-quality institutes makes the students more enthusiastic towards engineering as a career.


With India set to produce the largest number of engineers in the world, the popularity of engineering as a profession is bound to increase.

As India (80%) is way ahead of countries like UK (20%) and USA (30%) in terms of interest in an engineering career among 16 to 17-year students, India willlikely have a great future in technological development as the students of today are citizens of tomorrow.