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Why should you go for ITS?

21.01.21 10:18 AM

Why should you go for ITS?

Why should you go for ITS?



Finally, you have completed your schooling in different regions of India and now you are excited to get into college.


If you are confused that which college, you should choose for your further studies.


Here, we are going to tell you some of the interesting facts that why would you go to ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida for your B. TECH And MBA.


Our campus


First of all, I would tell you about our college campus that we have an exciting campus with a cool canteen for the refreshment of your mind.


We are very much determined for our culture that's why we have a temple at the entrance of our college and the goddess of wisdom is situated in all the portions of our college.


Culture and spirituality


We have a function as the thanking to the goddess for the development of our college and students which we call the 'MATA KI CHOWKI'.


Our college consists of 4 big playgrounds for your physical development in which you are allowed to play football, basketball, and other sports.


Our college consists of 3 big libraries in which you can read any type of books from spiritual to scientific and you are also allowed to do surfing over the internet in our digital library.


And the most interesting part of our college campus is the enjoyable campus environment and the friendly faculty which helps you to develop your overall personality.


Our academics record


Now about the academics, our college holds many records like our college has awarded in the top 25 private engineering college in India and top 5 private engineering college in the northeast which was given by the none other than the ministry of education of India.


I think these are enough to tell you about our academics performance but moreover, we have a startup cell in our college which helps you to give a start to your innovative idea.


We have many development cells in our college NEWGEN idea, iOS cell and MSME centre, and much more.


Our college holds the record of the most famous innovative function in the knowledge park 3rd named as Techtrix.


At last, we would love to convey to you that our faculty is well qualified and supportive of the students and help them to clarify their thinking for the future.