Scale New Heights

Computer Center at ITS

The computer center is well-equipped with computing resources to cater to the academic needs of the students. The center is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment.
The trained technical staff is available to help the students.

Wi-Fi Facilities at ITS

To keep pace with the fast-changing World & to make the World a smaller place to live in, ITS provides fast Internet facility in its campus. The institute also has access to the Internet through a WI-FI for the students and staff. The Internet facility is available throughout the campus. A highly specialized state-of the-art Internet lab is there for students to access the net whenever they wish to do so.

Communication Lab at ITS

Communication Lab

The lab attempts to inculcate the practical skills of communication which include discussion session, presentation, mock meetings mock interview with an objective of developing the all-round personality, particularly the qualities of leadership, dynamism, team building positive value-based attitude and confidence among the scholars.

Operating System Lab at ITS

Operating System Lab

This lab is meant to boost the implementation level knowledge of operating system and provide the student thorough knowledge of algorithm and memory  management.

Web Technology Lab at ITS

Web Technology Lab

The objective of this lab is to become familiar with the concepts of web,internet,networks,creation of websites through html,java script


Python Lab at ITS

Python Lab

The objective of this lab is to become familiar with the Python IDE for version 3.X while introducing basic mathematical operations, variable types, and printing option