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ITSEC - Go Green 
​"Green Footprints for Happier Tomorrow"

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Go Green is a concept which stands for the efforts to establish environmentally sustainable practices in ITS Engineering College. Its goal is to diminish the impact of ecological footprints by implementing the principles of sustainability at every level of institutional functioning.

ITS Engineering College has undertaken a “Go Green” initiative seeking to take a holistic approach to campus sustainability.  Its main focus is on reduction of carbon footprints, solid waste management, alternative energy resources, etc.

Go Green Save Earth Campaign at ITS Engineering College Delhi NCR

Go Green initiative by ITS Engineering College focuses on saving power by implementation of Solar Panel, conservation of water through Rain Water Harvesting, saving environment through E-waste Management, saving forests by Paper recycling, saving climate and environment by Food waste management, recycling the food with Vermin compost, reducing the carbon footprints by using e-vehicles, contributing in pollution free environment by plastic ban, saving cost by reusing containers and saving the climate from bio medical waste by recycling.

Go Green Campaign 1 at ITS Engineering College

Objective for having a Biomedical waste management system at ITS is to protect health, well-being and the environment by providing reasonable measures for—
       - minimising the consumption of natural resources;
       - avoiding and minimising the generation of waste;
       - reducing, re-using, recycling and recovering waste;
       - treating and safely disposing of waste as a last resort;
       - preventing pollution and ecological degradation;
       - securing ecologically sustainable development while promoting justifiable economic and social
       - promoting and ensuring the effective delivery of waste services;
       - remediating land where contamination presents, or may present, a significant risk of harm to health or the
      environment; and
       - achieving integrated waste management reporting and planning;
       - to ensure that people are aware of the impact of waste on their health, well being and the environment

ITS Received Certification E-Waste Recycle, Govt. of India