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Electronics & Communication Engineering ​​Labs

The program of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers a fascinating journey, it’s like a roller coaster ride, and you have to really work hard to stay stable. It offers exciting opportunities. Few changes decades old: Moore's law, Analog to Digital conversion, regeneration of Digital Signal and Cellular concept for Wireless Communication have propelled the growth in this domain.  Challenges exist to master new frontiers in design, to reduce power consumption, area, thus, improving reliability and efficiency of future devices. Growth in the area of Electronics Engineering has affected every aspect of life - starting from Home to Intelligent home, Class room to intelligent class room, intelligent roads, intelligent vehicles, and intelligent clothes etc. Ability to communicate all types of information from any place, any time is changing society from Information age to Intelligent age. As an engineer to be relevant, great efforts will be needed in every sub branch of this discipline, be it Communication, Embedded, VLSI or Biomedical. Electronics is touching every aspect of everyday life. We have to be more responsive and more responsible towards society, towards nature for an amiable existence.


A Special feature of the department is its fully equipped laboratory with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, apparatus, and software. Students are encouraged to do electronic projects of their choice under the guidance of experienced faculty. The students work in following laboratories:

1.    Electronics Lab
2.   Electronic Workshop and PCB Lab
3.   Signals and Systems Lab
4.   Digital Electronics Lab
5.   Analog and Digital Communication Lab
6.   Antenna and Microwave Engineering Lab 
7.   Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab
8.   TI-Integrated Circuits Lab
9.   Control System Lab
10. Digital Signal Processing Lab   
11. Optical Communication and Networking Lab 
12. Electronics CAD Lab
13. Project Lab
Electronics & Communication Engineering ​​Labs
Electronics CAD Lab at ITS

Electronics CAD Lab

Quick Stats:-

-In this practical course, students will carry out design oriented project work which

involves-designing the circuit, implement hardware, measuring various parameters, software simulation

using PSPICE and finally comparing the measured and the simulated results.


1. Universal op-amp based biquad.

2. Universal OTA biquad.

3. Amplitude control or stabilization applied to any sinusoidal oscillators.

4. Op-amp/OTA based function generator.

5. Any application of log/antilog circuits.

6. Any applications of analog multiplier/ divider.

7. Any digital system design and its hardware implementation using TTL/CMOS ICs.

8. Any circuit idea (not studied in the course) using 555 Timer in conjunction with any other ICs.

Electronics Workshop and PCB Lab

Quick Stats:-

To understand Hardware Technology


·               Study of CRO, DMM, Function Generator

·               Active and Passive Components

·               Transformer Winding

·               Masking

·               Development of Negative

·               Development of PCB

·               Etching

·               Drilling of PCB

·               Soldering of components                                                       Testing of Circuit

Electronics Workshop and PCB Lab at ITS
Digital Electronics Lab at ITS

Digital Electronics Lab 

Quick Stats:-

To understand the digital logic and create various systems by using these logics


·       Nomenclature of digital IC’s, Concept of Vcc and ground

·       Verification of truth table of the of logic gates

·       Implementation of Boolean function

·       Verification of state tables of various flip-flop.

·     Implementation and verification of Decoder/De-multiplexer and Encoder

·      Implementation of multiplexer

·      Implementation of 4-bit parallel adder

· Design, and verification 4-bit synchronous counter.

·  Design, and verification of 4-bit asynchronous counter. 

Integrated Circuit Lab 

Quick Stats: - To design and implement the circuits to gain knowledge on performance of the circuit and its application. These circuits should also be simulated on PSPICE and implemented using TL082, LM741, NE555, ASLK, MPY634 XP, connecting wires, power supply, function generator and oscilloscope.



·Design unity gain amplifier, non-inverting amplifier, an inverting amplifier & Log and antilog amplifiers.

·  Design and teat an AGC system for a given peak amplitude of sine-wave output.

· Design second order Low pass, High Pass & band pass filters of specified cut off frequency.

·  Wien bridge oscillator using operational amplifier.

·  Design and test a PLL to get locked to a given frequency ‘f’.

·  Design and test the integrator for a given time constant.

·  Voltage to current and current to voltage convertors.

· Design and Test a function generator that can generate square wave and triangular wave output for a given frequency

·  Astable and Monostable Multivibrator using 555 IC.

·  Design and test a low drop out regulator using op-amps for a given voltage regulation characteristic and compare the characteristic with TPS7250IC.

Integrated Circuit Lab at ITS


Quick stats:

Communication lab is closely associated with all type of analog data transmission techniques. Provide basics of various antenna systems with its radiation parameters.


·         DSB/ SSB amplitude modulation & determine its modulation factor & power in side bands.

·               Amplitude demodulation by linear diode detector.

·               PLL 565 as frequency demodulator.

·     Sampling and reconstruction of Pulse Amplitude modulation system.

·    Sensitivity, Selectivity, and Fidelity characteristics of super heterodyne receiver.

·          Pulse Amplitude Modulation by using switching method  & by sample and hold circuit.

·              Pulse Width Modulation and Pulse Position Modulation.

·            Amplitude modulation/Demodulation using Virtual Lab Software.

·             Frequency modulation and determine its modulation factor using Virtual Lab Software.