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ITS - The Education Group contributed Rs. 5.51 Lakh for "PM Cares Fund"

Dr. R P Chadha, Honorable Chairman, ITS - The Education Group contributed Rs. 5.51 lakh for "PM Cares Fund" and cheque has been handed over to Honorable General  V K Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, Government of India.

Today when not only India, the whole world is affected by the ravages of corona virus infection, various types of activities are being conducted by ITS - The Education Group and every effort is being made at their level to make this difficult and odd In the situation, the people who are affected and the section of the society who lacks facilities, their support and basic needs can be met.

 ITS - The Education Group has always been alert and prompt about its role. Today, even in this challenging day, as always, various types of programs are being run by the organization at its own level, in which the poor and people with large infrastructure, who have a problem with basic facilities, get food every day. Packets and packaged drinking water bottles are being distributed which can be taken care of those troubled people!

ITS - The Education Group contributed Rs. 5.51 Lakh for PM Cares Fund