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Syscom Lab

Syscom Lab is a SAFRAN morpho company which provides products and solution to local protection as well as national wide security system. It is a market leader of India in telecom digital solution as well as in transport and enterprises. The company deals in biometric identification systems, identification documents, smart cards, biometric terminals and road terminals. It is the first company to offer the Indian Mobile Operators, high capacity cards with 128K and 256K memory as well as 3G USIM. These diverse fields of the company offer the students to be familiar with the environment of smart card operating system.

  ITS Syscom Lab
  ITS Syscom Lab Programs Benefits

Program Benefits

  •   Highly interactive program for effective learning of smart card operating system development
  •   This program provides theoretical knowledge with practical work experience on live project of company.
  •   Get certification from SYSCOM on the completion of this program
  • High chance of getting employed in the smart card operating system solution company
  ITS Syscom Lab Student Training

Training for Skill Development

13 students have been trained till date.

·All students got placed (100% placement till date).

·All students got certification from SYSCOM Corporation Ltd.

·In the current batch 17 students selected for the training.

·Average package is 3.2 LPA 

  ITS Syscom Lab student skills
  ITS Syscom Lab Program Details

Program Details

Class Room/Lab, Each student’s gets to work on individual machine.
·    Duration: Nine months training spanning 120 hours ( Theory: 40 Hrs, Project: 80 Hrs ) of learning
·    Working on Live project of company
  •   Assessment: Through the  testing of the projects in the company which is developed by the student
  ITS Syscom Lab Learning objectives

Learning Outcomes

1.Students will be able to exhibit the smart card operating system development process.

2.  Students will have an ability to understand the implementation of Smart card file system and related commands.

3.Students will be able to understand the Data structure of smart card operating system.

4.Students will be able to explain the implementation of file structure of operating system.

5.  Students will be able to explain the process of code integration and security features application.

6.  Students will be eligible to face the interviews of Smart Card Operating System Solution Company.

Infrastructure Facilities

  • State of the art infrastructure for effective learning.
  • Opportunity for students to develop innovative projects
  • Facility for Research and development activities
  ITS Syscom Lab infrastructure

Module 1

  1. Basics of Smart Card, Introduction of Smart card OS, Types of Smart Card
  2. Smart card file system and related commands with its implementation
  ITS Syscom Lab with students

Module 2

  1. File structure of operating system with its implementation
  2. Security features implementation

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering students
  • Engineering professional looking for better prospective
  • Research scholar
  • Engineering professional looking for international certification