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Engineering is one field of Education that would continue to attract millions of youth everywhere

By kshatrapalrc

The simple reason being all the great work in the world that is being done by engineers! And engineers are getting paid lucratively for contributing in making the world a better place. Recent market studies reflect that engineering is one of the highest paid professional degrees in the world;
22.04.20 01:25 PM - Comment(s)
What Is The Best Definition Of Education?

What Is The Best Definition Of Education?

By kshatrapalrc

While there is no denying the fact that education builds the foundation of a good life; there however is big confusion about what is the best definition of education. How do you define education? Is it A for achievement for career and J for job?
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What is the best future for Electronics and Communication Engineers?

By kshatrapalrc

Electronics and communication is the best course that one can pursue in the field of engineering. A communications engineer manages the research, design, development and production of communications systems. Communications engineering entails modes of communication such as ..
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Bridging From College to Corporate

By kshatrapalrc

We at ITS Corporate Resource Center (CRC) strive to achieve excellence and always think ahead to bridge the gap between academia and industry. CRC focuses on right balancing of quality students with quality corporate placements to give equal opp...
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