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Future of Next Generation

By Sarabjeet Singh

This world is a world of information and technology. It is impossible to think of a future without IT. According to one survey in the coming future, only people related to technology will survive the battle of success. Machines and computers will do everything, so those who know to code and running ...

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B.E. Or B.Tech? Make Your Move

By Sarabjeet Singh

B.E. Or B.Tech? Make Your Move
Technology encompasses an enormous body of data and tools that ease the utilization of economic resources as how to supply goods and services efficiently and innovative. As technology becomes the catalyst for Engineering students to line up b...
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Education is not a Singular Term

By kshatrapalrc

Who doesn’t know about Sunder Pichai? He is the current CEO of Google who is all set to be the CEO of its parent company, Alphabet Inc as well. This Indian has won the world with his humility, vision and knowledge. So, what makes him such an extra-ordinary achiever? The answer is – his extra ordinar...

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